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Jessica Kong

Diploma of Graphic Design Melbourne
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G'day I’m Jessica (Jess for short), a Melbourne based designer with a Chinese-Cambodian heritage. I am a creator at birth, but decided to make it official at the Billy Blue College of Design. All areas of design fascinate me but if I HAD to choose one in particular, it would be packaging design (apologies to the others)! I am especially focused on more environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging solutions that can replace existing ones. I love the challenge of formulating a visual connection with the audience and I strongly believe in the power that well considered design has in achieving a large scale impact.

If not seen at my desk chipping away, you can find me going for a stroll in the park, dining out in the latest hot spot or curled up on the sofa watching some relentless drama on TV!

I now invite you to explore the result of multiple (and sometimes chaotic) brain synapses. Looking forward to working together!

New Form

‘New Form’ is a new magazine publication focusing on art and design. A bespoke masthead was curated to reflect the creativity and uniqueness that ‘New Form’ has to offer. ‘New Form’ aims to inspire, educate and forecast future trends.

The magazine is envisaged to impress an artistically well versed audience hence, each spread was designed to be inventive and engaging. A grid layout was employed to achieve balance and promote readability. Overall, the end result is a well-crafted publication and a fun read.


The client, Flux, required labels for their new line of Kombucha drinks. The label includes all mandatory information as well as a die-cut and Spot UV embellishment. Research was conducted to determine the main target audience: the Millennial generation. Thus, a clean, modern and minimalist approach was undertaken to ensure the product stands out amongst the saturated market and appeals to the target demographic. This resulted in a professionally printable label with all Finished Art processes considered.