Communications and Graphic Design

Thuy Duong Nguyen

Bachelor of Communication Design Sydney
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My name is Duong Nguyen, but everyone calls me Nom. A design thinker who is flexible to work with as part of a team or I am just as happy working individually on concepts and projects. I have a passion for human-centred design and customer behaviour research. Colourful illustration, creative approach, dynamite ideas and thoughtful user experience is what you can find in my works.


Offering busy Millennials an innovative, outstanding, contemporary tea brand “Curiositea”. The original word is curiosity. Together with the tagline “cabinet of wonder”, it encourages consumers to get creative with the possibilities of mixing flavours and having fun with their tea. Curiositea is a cabinet of wonder with endless opportunities for creating flavours while still ensuring you get the health benefits of tea.

Furthermore, the packaging is a small special cabinet which surprises customers anytime they open it and discover new tea flavours. A brand that brings you fun flavours in a daily cuppa.

There are three variants in the range to suit your mood and how you might be feeling. The teas are individually wrapped in fun, colourful, candy shaped wrappers made from eco-friendly material. The over sleeves can be reused as kitchen wall decorations with mixing recommendations.

You can give it to your loved one as a meaningful gift.

The Great Emu War

A unique Australian conflict in history.

This infographic aims to provide new information that is not widespread knowledge in general. The infographic could be displayed on the street to popularise the information about The Great Emu War to people.

The visual imagery would be a part of an event relating to Australian history. With the vibrant colour palette and illustrations, viewers can quickly and easily gain an understanding of these events.