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Stella Ho

Diploma of Graphic Design Sydney
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Hello! I'm Stella: Graphic Designer, Illustrator, inquisitive problem solver and crafter of creative solutions! I draw upon my multi-disciplinary design background to produce meaningful solutions, having completed studies in graphic design at Billy Blue, and industrial (product) design at the University of New South Wales. I am pursuing my love of branding, typography, editorial design and designing for good, and have interned at Billy Blue Creative and Tiliqua Press. I'm always up for a new challenge (and dumplings!), so please do take a deeper dive into the projects teased here by heading to my website, and say hello!

Spilt Milk

Spilt Milk is an annual, single-day, summer music festival, featuring the créme de la créme of Aussie acts, and international artists worth crying over! It offers an escape to the leafy, water-side grounds of Commonwealth Park in Canberra, and Victoria Park in Ballarat.

The challenge was to reinvigorate the ‘legend-dairy’ Spilt Milk brand across its physical and digital touch points, whilst remaining true to its laidback, playful, community-conscious and summer-time vibes!

‘Don’t cry over spilt milk’ is an idiom used to advise that it is futile to be upset over things that can’t be undone or fixed. A ‘Don’t Cry’ slogan, crying eye symbol, splashes of milk in the vibrant colours of an Aussie summer, and dynamic typography inform a playful visual language which alludes to the festival’s name (Spilt Milk) and the event’s fun and relaxed attitude to going with the flow of life… and milk! The playful logo features a ‘k’ on its side, suggesting a knocked over vessel, and a tear drop shaped counter in the ‘p’ to tie in with the crying eye. The allusions create intrigue, and allow festival patrons to recognise the brand and connect with their community.

Wrap a Bub

Wrap a Bub is a family-run charity that collects baby wraps to swaddle seriously ill babies in love and warmth as they recover in ICU at Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick.

New infectious disease control measures meant that Wrap a Bub needed to source donations of unused wraps from wholesalers, retailers and suppliers (and find a new home for pre-loved wrap donations). As a young charity, Wrap a Bub also needed to build recognition and trust.

The Life Threads campaign celebrates the generosity, love, support and connections woven by the Wrap a Bub community! A thread motif expresses this as it weaves throughout the campaign, forming illustrations, stitching patterns and the heart motif of the Wrap a Bub logo. We identified Wrap a Bub's three key audiences and created targeted assets for each, including a donation guide and thank you certificate to nurture the onboarding and post-donation relationship with wrap suppliers; elevated packaging of the wraps and a story-time picture book for the recipients; and social media content to celebrate, educate, and build the Wrap a Bub community. My role in this project involved strategy, art direction, copy writing, brochure design, and social media content creation.