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Leanne Hendrix

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design Brisbane
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My name is Leanne Hendrix, I am a product developer and designer specialising in both bridal and formal wear in Brisbane. I primarily work for private clients creating gowns and products for retailers across the east coast. While design and branding is definitely the best part of my day-to-day, I also handle operations and production for a private manufacturing house in Brisbane.

I live for a challenge and love creating. My primary interests are in fashion but I adore all creative industries and the arts.

ICON collection

My label "Once Labeled" is an evening / formal wear brand exclusively designed for a plus size clientele. This collection was designed to fill a need I saw in the market for trendy, youthful and well-made gowns that champion curvy women as the ideal. I wanted to create a label that challenges people's mindset on how they see size. With ICON collection, I choose to be inspired by curve influences through the #bopo movement. These curvy women were both unafraid and unapologetic both in style and attitude, especially when walking red carpet events. ICON collection aims to embody that glamorous Hollywood vibe while also keeping it fresh and chic to cater to my youthful clientele.