Interior Design

Carin Amanda Prawirsa

Diploma of Design Sydney
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I am a dedicated designer who is passionate about architecture and interior design. I see design as an existing art that combines creativity and aesthetics of the living environment.

I am a very devoted and hardworking person with a positive attitude. Looking for challenges to enhance my creativity and skills with good time management. I am also very cooperative by working in a group or independently. I am a fast learner and can easily adapt to the situation, which will be one of my greatest strengths in the work industry. In the future, I am looking forward to continuing my learning and applying my skills where I can, in order to contribute more to the design industry.


The purpose of Nikko is to experience the happiness and bright atmosphere of the bar. Nikko is an iconic bar with no binge-drinking and can be used as a restaurant or cafe in the afternoon. Nikko also provides some interactivity such as movie nights over the weekends and small libraries as part of the concept to make the customer feel warmer inside and outside.

Modern Japanese is the concept that I have used while I was designing the bar. Playing with timber and natural lighting gives the bar a simple design, but on the other hand, the bar is welcome to any type of age because they are focusing more on designing a bar for all people, as it has two main concepts.

Blues Point Apartment

Blues Point Apartment is one of the most iconic buildings in Sydney with the Sydney Harbour Bridge view as the selling point of this apartment.

The design of this residential apartment is inspired by an Art Deco design in the 1920s with a modern contemporary style but it still has the old Hollywood glam feel to the client who uses this penthouse.

From the material, there are marbles and gold bronze finishes that make the material the centre of the room to maximise the sophisticated yet luxurious look at the same time.

The spiral staircase is also the main part of the room. Designed with a modern emphasis gives a contemporary look in the penthouse, which is much more dominated with the Art Deco and vintage style.