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Sophie Pilati

Bachelor of Interior Design (Residential) Sydney
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My name is Sophie Pilati, I have recently graduated from Billy Blue College of Design (Torrens University) with a Bachelor of Interior Design (Residential). I am a bright, dedicated and driven young designer who has always been passionate about interior design and architecture. I approach everything I do with a high level of attention to detail, a positive attitude and am constantly inspired by the world around me. Reflecting on my studies, this degree has taught me not only to appreciate the smaller details but also how to broaden my ways of thinking. It has also given me the ability to adapt and evolve with interior design and its ever-changing nature. I see design as not only a way to make our environments more aesthetically pleasing, but also as a tool to enhance the functionality of the world we live in. I want to immerse myself in an environment where my passion for design will be nurtured, and my skills refined and improved. I hope to keep learning, applying my skills and capabilities, and contributing as much as I can to the design industry.

Luxury serviced apartment

Location: Edgecliff, Sydney
Software used: 3dsMax, Lumion, Photoshop, InDesign

This 40+ storey proposed residential project is designed with luxurious, high-quality materials and a modern colour palette that is suited to its ever-changing clientele. Marble and timber are used consistently throughout the interior in many different shades and forms, such as the herringbone flooring and marble benchtops. The timber panels used on the curved wall add an organic feature and a sense of warmth that soften the space, creating a balance between the rectilinear features within the space. The various fabrics used such as velvet, leather and fur are consistent with the luxurious theme that is prominent throughout the design. Golden accents are also added to the dining table, joinery and lighting, adding elegance and sophistication to the space. All key design decisions took into account both natural and artificial lighting. The large 3-metre floor-to-ceiling windows let in generous natural light and unveil the uninterrupted views of the beautiful city skyline of Sydney.

Luxury lobby and bar

Location: Edgecliff, Sydney
Software used: 3dsMax, Lumion, Photoshop, InDesign

The ground floor of this luxury serviced apartment is where the first impressions are captured. The lobby and bar have a contemporary style with consistent use of marble and gold which add a sense of luxury to each space. The lobby has many curved walls that create an organic experience as you walk through the space. Behind the reception wall are large floor-to-ceiling panels finished in marble with LED strip lights that highlight the panels, emphasising how high the ceiling is. One of the focal points of the lobby is the large circular glass chandeliers that hang over the reception and lounge area, adding an elegant feature to the space. In the lounge area, there are curved gold partitions that seclude the lounge area, creating a more private and intimate area. Connected to the lobby lounge is the bar, which has been designed to create a more intimate setting. The materiality is harmonious, with marble, dark herringbone flooring, gold and velvet.