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Eliza Prichard

Bachelor of Interior Design (Commercial) Sydney
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A student having just completed studying a Bachelor of (Commercial) Interior Design, I am a hardworking, creative and driven designer. I believe that carefully considered design has the ability to improve lives, and I am both fascinated and passionate about creating beautiful and moving environments.

Among my skills are the ability to articulately communicate, and to work well both independently and collaboratively. I have a strong understanding of client needs, functionality and creating personalised spaces. Due to a strong worth ethic, I strive to produce consistently high, professional standards of work.

I was born and raised in Sydney, and have spent a year living abroad in Paris, working closely with photographers, designers and creatives. This experience provided me with the opportunity to work with magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar and to participate in some amazing projects.

I am looking to immerse myself in an environment whereby my passion for design will be nurtured, and my skills refined and improved. I aspire to make a constructive and innovative contribution to the design industry.

Bar Caissa

Location: Sydney, NSW

Bar Caissa, situated in the heart of Sydney's CBD, is a fresh concept exploring interactive design solutions in the hospitality scene.
Named after the goddess of chess, Caissa, the space is designed to accommodate both the activities of drinking and communal chess matches. The notion of game playing taking place in a hospitality setting encourages socialisation and a sense of community; aided by an open plan and featuring a sunken seating space, Bar Caissa blends formal and casual spaces to achieve this atmosphere.

Tumbled marble flooring evokes imagery of game boards and contrasting tones of black and white are reminiscent of chess pieces. With eclectic accents incorporated throughout, Bar Caissa is the ultimate space to unwind and mingle.

-Design a bar or nightclub space within dimensions of 20m x 20m x 6m
-The bar must remain on one level
-To incorporate an element of interactivity into the space

Software used: SketchUp, Enscape, AutoCAD, InDesign

Studio Prichard

Location: Shop 1 461-463 Oxford St, Paddington, NSW 2021

Situated on bustling Oxford St in Paddington, Studio Prichard is a spacious, two storey interior design studio.
Using a neutral palette, with earthy tones and textures, the space provides for a calming and pared back workspace, ideal for productivity and provides a blank canvas for creativity to flourish.

Both levels contain built-in bespoke joinery, allowing for ample storage space. Accent lighting, in addition to a custom reception desk cladded with recycled cardboard mailing tubes, personalise the space and add dimension.

Warehouse-style windows utilise the natural lighting, enriching the space and injecting warmth. The addition of a wraparound mezzanine level makes use of the high ceilings and increases the functionality of the space. Bold, steel frame glass doors separate the sample room/meeting space from the open plan studio.

Software used: SketchUp, Enscape, Adobe Lightroom, Revit