Interior Design

Ashley Winter Williams

Bachelor of Interior Design (Residential) Sydney

I am an Interior Design graduate based in Sydney and the New England region of NSW. Currently I am working in textiles which is an avenue of design which I am very fond of. I am also very interested in environmental sustainability as well as designing for wellbeing.

The Bellagio

Two-storey multi residential apartment design with documentation DA.

Software Used:
Indesign, Revit

Client Brief:
Married couple, 30s, no children or pets. Both working in fine arts and publishing.

The main objective of this design project was to create a balance between contemporary and raw "lived in" design. This was achieved by specifying minimal shapes and styles with rustic finishes. A light green-based colour palette is used to encourage a sense of calm and comfort; meanwhile the introduction of bronze finishes and lilac hues create contrast and interest.

The overall layout of the space is intended to be open and comfortable. This is to encourage social interactions and take advantage of the water-views surrounding the building. There is plenty of wall space to hang artwork and photography as per the main interest of the clients. The FF&E of the dwelling consists of an eclectic mix of mid-century and rattan styles.


Concept design for a wellness centre.

Software Used:
Photoshop, Indesign, Revit, Hand-drawing

Client Brief:
Core9 is a well-established health and fitness franchise based in NSW. The client is seeking a more softened look and feel as opposed to the typical industrial feel a lot of fitness centres have. A key objective for this brief is to design for the wellbeing of humankind; especially persons who have worked in emergency services and/or have disabilities.

The concept of this project is based on installation artist Robert Irwin's design, 'Dawn to Dusk'. The piece itself is located in Marfa, TX in an abandoned hospital from WWII. The participant will follow a path in the infrastructure where the light will transcend from darkness to lightness. This notion of optimism and journey has been carried onto the project via spatial planning and organic-shaped walls made from Bendywood which allow for the opportunity to provide a home for some vegetation. VOC and Formaldehyde free, this natural approach to design will enable end users to feel more focused and refreshed all while keeping nature happy.