Interior Design

Athina Zajic

Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration Brisbane
I am not looking for an internship or work

My name is Athina and I've just completed the Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration.

I enjoy working on projects as a whole and consider all different types of design in order to achieve the best result possible. I'm a great admirer of parametric design and a big believer in the power of collaboration. I enjoy new challenges and pushing myself while retaining my sense of humour and positive attitude and always happy to go the extra mile.

I'm very excited to start a career in this creative industry.

Organic Art Deco

Combining natural and architectural elements to create a space that is inviting, warm, nurturing and fun. Stimulating the senses through colour and texture, form and scale while remaining balanced through the use of movement. Reflecting and celebrating history while embracing an innovative future.