Interior Design

Britney Williames

Bachelor of Interior Design (Commercial) Melbourne
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I have found that my strengths revolve around two main outcomes. The success, inclusion, and development of others, and the presence of a strategic mind that strives to constantly learn and achieve more.

Blues Point Tower

The intriguing apartment envelope created by the distinct circular form of 'Blues Point Tower' presents a unique layout and design challenge.

Apartment #1 is a modern 'Parisian' apartment placed in an inspired location, with an openness and warmth to match the quirky young couple who will live there.

We Build Foundation

The design of a 'business model' was something entirely new to me and was born out of my passion and belief in the power of 'home' space, and my work with young people.

The 'We Build Foundation' is a cross-compensation model social enterprise designed to provide affordable and nondiscriminatory housing for young adults aging out of the care system. This provides them with consistency and responsibility, as well as support and education for a successful transition to independence.

This model received an honourable mention in the Cumulus Green 2020 Competition. If you would like to read more about the submission you can read it here and on the Social Impact Projects page