Communications and Graphic Design

Julianna Sinisalmi

Bachelor of Communication Design Sydney
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Finnish Graphic Designer based in Sydney, I’m all about innovative design, that has and tells a story. Besides being a designer, I’m also a rock climber, and climbing makes me who I am as a designer. It’s the passion I have for the outdoors which drives me to deepen our connection to nature and work towards sustainability.

As a designer, I’m all about creating an atmosphere, with a focus on branding, illustration and motion design. I’m inspired by colour and energy, think the 70s: type, posters and Jefferson Airplane. But with a Scandinavian twist of minimalism.


The brief was to create and brand an inspiring work environment for creatives, looking at freelancers and students who might lack regularity in their work routine and struggle to find inspiration. “Such a beautiful day. You’re working from home, trying to, that is. Finding it hard to focus, suddenly the air feels dry. You open the window. To be outside, you think, whilst eyeing the balcony on the other side of the street. But the screen stands no chance against the sunlight. You slowly turn and return to your work”.

So a little boost is needed for the brain to restore itself, for our creativity to shine. Well, humans have long intuited that being outside, in nature, is good for both the mind and the body. A place for healing and personal growth. Space for inspiration. GAIA is a “greenhouse cafe”, a hub that offers workspace in an inspiring setting. Work from the cafe, rent long-term space or book a meeting room. Bringing nature indoors, tweaking it into a suitable workspace.

GAIA as a brand is kind but quirky, earthy but modern. Organic and sustainable with a fresh and inspiring look and feel. As part of GAIA’s branding, a typeface called Aqua, was designed to match this personality. Aqua is a modern, asymmetric display type. Heart of the typeface are organic shapes, round corners and increased descender height. Inspiration for the design choices comes from nature - especially looking at movements of water.

GAIA, greenhouse cafe growing ideas.


“It’s so dark outside, long day at work. You rush to close the window. Cold and tired, you know there’s more work to do. Not hungry yet. You just need some time to relax. And a cup of tea”.

Anxiety and feeling hopeless for the state of the planet is an increasing issue, as we’re constantly faced with news about crises. The brief was to create packaging for a tea range, with a goal of packaging that reflects hope: that there is always something we can do. It doesn’t harm the planet, its guilt free and therefore doesn’t spike your stress levels.

Plantea is zero waste tea in plantable packaging. Little bit of inspiration, for daydreamers and other creatures. The brand is delicate, dreamy and nostalgic - but not in the cursive type of way. The vintage feel is represented in patterns and colours, whereas the hand-drawn logo is a little bolder for contrast. Plantea has a message and therefore the logo needs to feel confident. It's tea for every moment, from sunrise to sunset. And Plantea is all about moments, stories and atmosphere.

By embedding biodegradable paper with seeds, we get paper that leaves you with flowers instead of waste. This seed paper is used in the sticker on the lid. By using biodegradable paper and organic ink and glue, everything, including the labels and the container, can be planted. Inspiration for the shape of the packaging is a plant pot, so it can be used as one afterwards.

Plantea, tea for your thoughts.