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Tessa Johnson

Diploma of Graphic Design Online
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Hey! I’m Tess, a Graphic Designer and illustrator with a passion for simple but colourful design solutions.

I’m based in beautiful Brisbane and I love working with businesses small and large to develop their identity and create fun, funky products - hitting all the brief design goals along the way!

As a Social Media Manager and communications professional in my former life I have a great understanding of the ‘why’ behind design choices, making sure they work the way they should. I decided to make the change to the creative side of the equation as I discovered a real passion for graphic design, and how good design can make us feel.

Chai There

The brand identity for this new Australian organic tea needed to be funky, warm and approachable. I developed an illustration-based style guide, incorporating organic shapes and a hand-drawn logo.

The packaging design needed to be as sustainable as possible, and incorporate ease of use features. I started with preliminary sketches and developed a prototype that balanced over the top of the cup and minimised dripping from the tea bag when removed. The design was also fully compostable, from the teabag to the cover to the box.

By aiming to connect with environmentally savvy shoppers we can foster brand loyalty and build a real presence with the designs, both on the shelf and online.

Grandma Marnie's

What do you do when grandma says she doesn’t want anyone to forget the family recipes?

You make a family recipe book!

A rather personal project this one, I collated all of Grandma’s family favourite recipes into a proper hardcover book.

We ended up ordering over 100 copies to distribute to family far and wide. She hand wrote everything down and I organised, typed up and created a 45 page book full of sweet and savoury family classics.

Perfectly imperfect illustrations are paired with a soft pastel colour palette to create a welcoming home-style vibe that the ultimate judge - Grandma herself - absolutely loved!