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Yougandran Naidoo

Graduate Certificate in UX and Web Design Sydney
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I am a passionate Designer with a background in Industrial and Exhibition Design. My career focus is transition into UX Design to focus more on a user-centered approach on both high-level systems thinking and detail-oriented problem solving.

My key strengths lie within analysis, visualisation, prototyping and information architecture. I am striving to improve further in my user research and testing whilst constantly growing my methodologies within User Experience. I want to help develop how people learn and communicate by bridging a relationship between technology, humanity and products in all its forms as they emerge and change.

I strongly believe with my passion for driven design through technology, I can help make a difference.


UX project focusing on Fitness workout app Fit-topia

Main Findings are specialised content for users with easy to log and track features that also sync with existing apps and associated devices

Result is a MVP (Iteration 01) Mobile app with user focused content and syncing with other apps also linking friends to compare, compete, or join in health and fitness activity


UX project focusing on music streaming named MusicBox

Main Findings are Free/Paid options with easy to find content, customisable playlists with artist/band/song info.

Result is a MVP (Iteration 01) desktop website with improved search functions with no advertisements and easy to navigate content