Post Graduate

Akash Dhurbarry

Graduate Certificate in UX and Web Design Online
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Born and raised on tropical Mauritius, I moved to Australia in 2008. I am an experienced digital design practitioner and my stack of skills comes from 10+ years of working in advertising, graphic design, animation and web design. After completing my design degree at RMIT University (2018), I had the opportunity to explore Virtual/Augmented Reality and design digital experiences for clients such as Porter Davis and RMIT.

Since March 2019, I have been consulting as a freelance digital design strategist to help small business take off and reach their customers via the internet. I am passionate about helping people grow through design thinking and execution.

Having studied the Graduate Certificate in UX and Web Design at Billy Blue, I have developed a liking for user research and synthesising data. Learning about how people interact with products/environment intrigues me. I have always been curious and love to learn how things work. One of my favourite ways of learning is reverse-engineering. I do that a lot with flavours from restaurant food. I will recollect the taste and hack it at home.

If not seen in the kitchen hacking flavours, I am usually in the studio making music. I love playing bass and electric guitar (I am a great fan of Justin Chancellor). I also love the sound of a good chat. Why not?! 
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Movember Redesign

The Movember Redesign concept was a project in the first trimester of the UX program. We explored responsive web design with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This project allowed us to understand how to cater for multiple screen and design layouts that would respond accordingly.

Our task was to choose a not-for-profit organisation or event and rethink the layout while honouring some elements and following the brand guidelines.

A live version of this site can be seen here.


Gourmate is an app designed to ease amateur cooks into the kitchen. It helps users find recipe ideas on how to cook with vegetables, combining their stock items currently in their pantry at home, which avoids doubling up on groceries. Users can quickly add the ingredients to their shopping list or save the recipes for later. In cooking mode users can focus and not skip a line during kitchen action.