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Wilmer Hernandez Velandia

Bachelor of Interior Design (Commercial) Melbourne
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My name is Wilmer Hernandez-Velandia, I am a Colombian Industrial Designer who graduated from Universidad Industrial de Santander. I also completed a Bachelor Degree in Interior Design at Torrens University/Billy Blue College of Design in December 2019. As an international student, I have faced challenges which have allowed me to explore new ideas and bring emotions and design experiences together to create design proposals so that people can connect with the environment.

Back in Colombia, I worked as an Industrial Designer for a local company which designs and builds commercial spaces such as exhibition stands, bars, offices and some P.O.P displays. I arrived in Melbourne in 2016 and the experience of living overseas has allowed me to have a different approach to design during important events such as the Australian Open or the Melbourne Cup.

I think that my background as an Industrial Designer and the Interior Design degree has provided me with an interesting set of skills. I enjoy designing projects for indoor as well as outdoor spaces. My portfolio includes design proposals for cafés, restaurants, exhibition spaces, pavilions and products.

The Colibrí Pavilion

The growing conditions and processing methods of Colombian coffee are the reason why this product is one of the world’s favourite.

However, in terms of coffee culture, Colombia remains behind compared to other countries. When it comes to coffee, there is a lack of education in the country and many Colombians do not know how to drink a good cup of coffee.

Over the last few years, some cafés have developed a strategy called ‘the farm to table concept’ to invite people to buy from the locals.

The Colibrí Pavilion has been created to promote the coffee culture and support a new generation of coffee lovers and local farmers who are working together to educate their communities.


The idea behind this project was the development of a packaging proposal based on the analysis of organic form, either animal or vegetable. The design proposal was created to protect, display and identify a specific piece of jewellery. The 'Monarca' packaging proposal has been designed based on the analysis of the life cycle of the Monarch butterfly during the pupal stage.

This North American pollinator species is well known because of its annual peregrination at the end of September. During this time, thousands of butterflies cross the sky from the United States and Canada to Mexico and Florida. In the life cycle of the Monarch butterfly, the pupal stage takes around 15 days before the adult form of the butterfly inside the chrysalis emerges.

The chrysalis protects the adult butterfly from predators and the environment. For that reason, it was the starting point for the design proposal.