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Alexandra Isaiu

Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration Sydney
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I am devoted to the human experience through the language of interior spaces. I believe that good design is experienced through all senses and that it can improve the quality of our lives.

After the completion of a degree in fashion design, followed by a decade's experience, my passion for style and aesthetics had naturally poured over into interiors and architecture. 

My dedication to immerse myself in the understanding of spaces, materiality and the psychology of interiors, resulted in Interior Design studies in Sydney, Australia. A place, very close to my heart, where lifestyle drives the needs and aesthetics follow, and where some of the world's greatest contemporary design projects are to be found. 

Through my studies I have learned in-depth understanding of spaces, colours and materials. I no longer only use my gut feeling to drive a design, but have the tools and formulas to create projects that are following an industry standard narrative of concept development, creative design process, documentation in 2D and 3D, as well as implementation.

​ I'd like to think that as Interior Design professionals—We Elevate Spaces

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Converting a one bedroom into a two bedroom apartment. New kitchen joinery design and restoration. Renovation of all finishes as well as built-in wardrobes. 

Space Planning - New Floor Plan
Materials Selection
Restoration | Renovation Plan

A cohesive design solution in bright neutrals, emphasising space and embracing original features of the building, dating back to the 1920s. Curated joinery and furniture maximises every square metre.  

LOCATION: Göteborg, Sweden
DATE: 2018


Identify opportunity for an Australian brand to widen their market reach and engage with existing and new customers. Come up with an idea for the given space that revolutionises the way the company works and engages with their clientele. 

Introduce the importance of bridging the virtual and physical meeting with the customers through a new concept that increase awareness and ultimately transactions to the brand.

- Space planning of two floors, meeting detailed requirements
- Concept 
- Finishes, furniture, equipment, lighting
- Rendered 3D
- Complete drafting package in Auto CAD

A complete Commercial Interior Design Scheme for a space where MiGOALS - an Australian stationery brand, can expand and become a global community of Goal Diggers and action takers helping people to Get Shit Done, through motivational speakers, one-on-one coaching and through selling their amazing stationery. 

​LOCATION: The Rocks, Sydney
DATE: Aug 2020