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Vanessa Ly Siou Ching

Bachelor of Communication Design Sydney
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Hello, I'm Vanessa Ly, a graduate from Billy Blue. During my Bachelor of Communication Design I developed a strong interest in branding, including layouts and packaging. I am a detail-oriented person, and enjoy finding more and more inspiration throughout the process of a project to match the brief to the best. Originally from New Caledonia, I love to create unique designs inspired by beautiful sceneries, but also inspired by my co-workers opinions and ideas, who I value a lot for my career. In fact, after finishing my course, I realised how excited I am to get more experience working within a team, to gain knowledge and learn about different ways of thinking. Always motivated for a challenge, I like to work along with constructive feedback. I believe there is no such thing as knowing everything, but I will always try my hardest to learn about the context or acquire any new skills. I am curious and enjoy getting to know more about others. I am also a lover of the ocean and am always happy by the beach, outdoors or with live music. I hope we get to work together soon!


Revlon Professional aimed to create a vibrant and unique packaging look for Mother’s Day 2020, for their haircare products.

‘Choose Your Secret Weapon’ campaign is designed to attract the bold and fierce women who are the brand’s primary targets. Inspired by a military style, the unique pattern on the packaging includes women’s hairstyles and facial shapes. My first attempt at this packaging did not look feminine or vibrant enough to match the brand’s vision. I therefore edited it to make it look more vibrant and attractive. These haircare products are wrapped around this unique design, to give the customer the opportunity to choose their own secret weapon to beauty.

Gimme Space

As a self-project, I wanted to create a space for people to escape reality by creating surreal and relaxing content. Although we experience ups and downs, I believe there is always a space for a peaceful state of mind.

Gimme Space is a creative magazine promoting artists and their work. The name of the project is a metaphor for personal space, but also refers to the galaxy. In fact, every edition will showcase Gimme Space collages, through covers and posters. These themes are about wellbeing and imaginary worlds, as well as a sense of humour. The idea is for the viewer to be able to escape from reality, while enjoying creative content. The display font used represents an occupied space, a metaphor for our busy lives with the ability to always have a window to escape.