Digital Media and Gaming

Van Nguyen

Bachelor of Digital Media Design (3D Design & Animation) Sydney
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I consider myself a passionate, aspiring designer and am eager to learn new skills and techniques from those around me within the industry.

I enjoy hobbies such as gaming, moderate drawing and music which contributes to my inspirations when it comes to the designs and art direction which I produce but I am also open-minded to all types of design. With the completion of my degree, my excitement to be involved with the industry to learn, improve and enjoy what I am enthusiastic about is something I am looking forward to.


This was a project to showcase my design process and technicality. The concept and design was modelled and animated in Autodesk Maya 2019 then rendered with Arnold 3.1.2. The image I had while creating this project was a pop-up picture book with a twist of animations.

Some aspects of this project involved using unfamiliar program features such as rivet constraints and deformation which I used to rotate the assets like a conveyer belt.

I potentially thought of this concept's use as a short motion ident such as mobile advertisements, an insurance company or a road safety-related ident.

Gaming and film

I wanted to do a project utilising Houdini as it stood out as one of the most powerful tools to make special effects and generate efficient results. Using Houdini for the first time ever, I decided to create a procedural building asset - an asset where I have full control of its structure with the slide of a button.

What I want to achieve is to upskill and gain more knowledge which I can utilise in my future 3D projects with various styles to produce different results. I believe this will be beneficial to the gaming and film industries.