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Tammie Matthews

Diploma of Graphic Design Online
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Hi, I'm Tammie. A marketing professional turned Graphic Designer with a keen interest in typography and branding.

Through my marketing degree, I know firsthand the importance of effective graphic design in the marketing mix and the strong correlation needed between them both. The influence of typography and the power of a well-designed brand are what drew me to make the switch. I find that I am able to draw on my marketing knowledge when designing to ensure briefs are meet.

In my spare time, I enjoy working on personal design projects and experimenting with typography, lines and colour. I also enjoy snow skiing and visiting art galleries.

I would love to hear from you. Send me an email via the button above.


A new magazine title and brand were required, and eye blur was born - ‘blurring the lines between art & design’.

Inspiration was taken from the increasing overlap between the arts and design, and my love and appreciation of both.

Adeline Nita

Under the brief of a new brand and multi-functioning packaging, Adeline Nita was born.

Using the German beauty industry for inspiration, Adeline Nita is a premium brand that delivers results without compromising.

The packaging is designed to be environmentally friendly due to the removal of glue, and can be turned inside out and repurposed as a small storage container.