Communications and Graphic Design

Angus Mansfield

Diploma of Design Sydney
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My main interest in graphic design is the creation of logos and seeing them in use in the real world. My designs are created in order to get the most out of everything, as I don't believe in wasting anything or using anything unnecessarily.


These two projects are examples of my logo design abilities. One is a refresh of the Golden Circle logo, and another is a redesign of the Australian National Maritime Museum logo. I believe these logos clearly present my abilities as a logo graphic design artist.


These four images are examples of my photography skills. The two landscapes are photos I have taken of the near-desolate, almost wasteland-like flat desert landscape of Broken Hill. The other two photos display my skills of photographing still life, as well as the way I can manipulate light and positioning of the camera to get the most out of what I have to work with.