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Stephanie Geha

Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration Sydney
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I'm driven by the atmospheric characteristics of spaces, entering a space as an experience, being able to interact with your surroundings. Design is something which I believe is meant to impact you.

Finders keepers Penthouse

A desire for the perfect "work from home" solution for this team of creatives takes form in the 'Finders Keepers Penthouse'.

The concept behind this project was taken from the namesake of my client’s marketplace business; The Finders Keepers, a marketplace which travels throughout Australia displaying bespoke pieces by small Australian designers and artisans.

This combined residential and commercial dwelling takes form in relative penthouse apartments and team office space as well as rooftop market-style eateries, defining public and private spaces while encouraging a work from home lifestyle.

Platter Up Co

Katelyn Tripodi, “Cheese Enthusiast & Berry Ambassador”, owner of Australian online-based platter and grazing table business, Platter Up Co, is looking to expand and open a flagship location. Born and raised a true Maltese-Italian and people lover at heart, Katelyn took preparing for social gatherings very seriously - another get-together meant another opportunity to bring a platter. We’ve acquired a heritage-listed, two storey building in the heart of The Rocks, Sydney where Katelyn can further grow her brand.

The Concept – A Focus on Togetherness
That special feeling of being surrounded by your nearest and dearest, with cheese in one hand and wine in the other. Family and friends coming together over drinks and nibbles. There is a real value in spending time with your loved ones over food, a new level of intimacy and enjoyment. To savour every moment as you savour every bite, enjoy the conversation and soak in the atmosphere.

The Design Statement – A Sense of Wonder and Play
To shed a new light on ‘going out for drinks and nibbles’ – it’s about the enjoyment and the atmosphere. To be able to move around the space and engage with all the fun details. It is about the experience, the sense of play, interacting with your surroundings as opposed to existing in them.

Hero Piece - Conveyor Belt
A conveyor belt suspended from the ceiling, travelling down through a void to the ground floor carrying an array of fruits and cheese.