Interior Design

Luz Adriana Garzon Rodriguez

Bachelor of Interior Design (Commercial) Melbourne
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I am extremely passionate about design. From a young age, I was inspired by artists and architects to pursue a creative career. I am a dedicated, hardworking person, with a positive disposition. I am excited to venture into the design industry to create spaces that are human-centric and enhance the livelihood of my clients.

Le Velo Restaurant/Cafe/Bike Retail shop

Different construction systems are applied to this nominated commercial interior space which focuses on documentation skills as part of the design development, as a detailed and consistent way to communicate with clients, project managers, consultants, and contractors.

Le Velo Restaurant/Cafe/Bike Retail shop is a community-friendly place for families and young professionals that encourages the growth of coffee and bike cultures that thrive throughout inner Sydney.

Inspired by the eclectic and playful feeling of the area and the street art, the proposal takes full advantage of the ceiling heights and integrates a range of pendant lighting and ceiling mounted floating features. It includes the use of bold colours in artwork, furniture, joinery and other elements.

Mourad Lahluo

Inspired by traditional Moroccan architecture and furniture, this project was commissioned by client Mourad Lahluo, renowned Moroccan chef and writer established in the U.S. Aziza Melbourne takes the idea of sophisticated and creative Moroccan cuisine to Melbourne city.

This project involved concept, scheduling, and spatial design development. The inspiration came directly from Moroccan traditional furniture and architecture, where we could find an extended range of colourful tiles, hand-painted features and stonework.

Also, the proposal was to fuse traditional aspects of Moroccan aesthetic with the simplicity and minimalist modern characteristics that represent Chef Mourad’s dishes.