Communications and Graphic Design

Sabina Pyper

Bachelor of Communication Design Sydney
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Hi! I'm Sabina. A Design Communications Scholarship Student at the Billy Blue College of Design in Sydney, recently returned from a year studying abroad in Berlin, Germany. I have a love for conceptual thinking and an empathic approach with everything I do. I have interests in branding and digital design.


The Brief
SOL is a way of life, for health and wellbeing. Its purpose is to be educational and insightful as well as a functioning platform to schedule consultations with a clinical nutritionist. Build an identity that represents a fresh, modern and nutrition-focused brand.

Minimalistic and structured design principles with added personalisation from the owner of the business. Secondary visual language is used to communicate the brand personality. The owner’s heartfelt email sign off ‘in health & happiness’ has been adopted as the brand motto.


The Brief
Eureka is a family business that produces honey and a range of other products on their family farm in Upper Lansdowne. Succinct branding across the whole product range as well as a strong online presence.

“Eureka!” cries the gold digger who has just struck his fortune. The designs for this project have come from the rich history and family connections of the brand. The brand message is emphasised using imagery and complementary illustrations. The colour palette has been influenced by the surrounding landscape. All images I have taken myself, on location.