Interior Design

Roxanne Cerdor

Bachelor of Interior Design (Commercial) Brisbane
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“I prefer drawing to talking, drawing is faster and leaves less room for lies.” - Le Corbusier

The way one can communicate without words is a fascinating concept and it's what has drawn me to interior design. The ability to be a part of something larger than myself is what drives my passion. I get a true sense of satisfaction looking back on something I’ve been able to create and seeing the mark I’ve left behind.

I am an adaptable and punctual individual who values curiosity and adventure. I'm intrigued by the effect our surroundings have on our emotions and I endeavour to live my life discovering innovative solutions for spaces that ignite feelings.

MooFree Burgers

CLIENT: A popular juice bar chain, Charlie's Raw Squeeze, have extended to add a vegan burger bar.

To entice a wider audience who will appreciate and celebrate vegan food, an underlying theme of inclusivity was present throughout the ideation process. Applying elements from traditional diners mixed with bursts of imaginative, pastel colours achieves a familiar, yet inviting, atmosphere. The raw concrete and repurposed ply are a nod to nature and sustainability, which is forefront in the vegan community. Using echoes of organic shapes reiterate the idea of connection and promote communication and conversation within the space.

SOFTWARE USED: Autodesk Revit, Photoshop

Hormiga - Furniture Competition

CLIENT BRIEF: Create a sustainable piece of furniture that will ignite the values and philosophy of Andreu World.

Upon analysis of the current Andreu World catalogue, the pieces seemed to be almost insect-like. I wanted a strong and sturdy frame without the compromise of heavy materials. Looking into nature, I was inspired by the way the humble ant can carry 50x its body weight. Playing with angles and observing the way they effortlessly carry weight, I was able to mirror this in my design.

SOFTWARE USED: Autodesk Revit, 3D Printer, InDesign, Photoshop