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Erin Clarke

Diploma of Design Online
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I am an emerging designer based in Sydney whose love of unique design and the living environment combine to bring form and function into the next phase of interiors. I believe passion is the key to successful and sustainable design solutions in both new and existing spaces.

Glam Corner

A quiet yet powerful movement, slow fashion is making its way into the wardrobes of the environmentally conscious around the world. Client Glam Corner has built a successful online brand around the new fashion movement and wanted to continue to expand this work into the opening their flagship store.

Whilst designing this flagship store, an in-depth exploration of the client’s brand identity was undertaken, considering how their business philosophies can be represented in a customer experience. By considering the key messages of the brand; environmentally conscious, stylish and on-trend, innovative and passionate, a design was achieved that embodied each of these elements.

The retail space of this flagship store embodies femininity to reflect the client’s target market and pay homage to the consumers who have made Glam Corner what it is today. Through the exploration of curves and warm-toned natural materials, a high-end and curated atmosphere attracts new and existing clients.