Photography and Photo Imaging

Rowena Hains

Diploma of Photo Imaging Online
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I’m a photographer currently based in my hometown of Canberra, but I do photoshoots all over!

I love chasing the sun, watching the moon, driving with the windows down and wearing flannys with everything. I prefer being barefoot over shoes, face-to-face over phone or text, vinyl over Spotify, camping over a fancy hotel, a wine by an open fire pit and good conversation over a movie, dandelions over any flower you could buy at a florist and spontaneity over routine...

I’m a minimalist and collect memories and experiences rather than things, and after many years capturing my own memories whilst travelling all over the planet I was inspired to become a photographer and capture the moments others want to cherish. I love seeing a moment, a connection and being able to convey that in an image.

My work is focused primarily on editorial, wedding and lifestyle photography. I am most passionate about conveying an authentic moment and this carries through all of my images. When working with clients and models I like to maintain a candid documentary style approach and this theme is carried through into my editorial work. I love capturing movement in my images and showing the in-between moments where people are most natural.


This photoshoot was held in collaboration with a number of other creatives to showcase their work. There were five models, a stylist, makeup artist, hair stylist, creative planner, a videographer and boutiques, as well as the venue involved in the making of these images. I had never done a photoshoot involving so many people before and it was so amazing to draw from others' experiences to showcase the beautiful clothes and backdrop in a casual, candid and fun way. It wasn’t until I had done this shoot that I really felt like I could be a photographer; it’s been the catalyst to drive me forward into this industry. I love the way the images feel strong and compelling whilst still being relaxed. The team and I made some great memories on this day and I’m really proud of what we came up with.