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Ailish Flynn

Diploma of Photo Imaging Brisbane
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Hi I'm Ailish and I am a passionate portrait photographer from the Gold Coast, Australia.

I delved into the wonderful world of photography at a young age and have been exploring the many different aspects of it since. Throughout my time studying at Billy Blue College, I challenged myself to take on the numerous opportunities that were directed my way, gaining experience in all types of photography. However, my passion for capturing the beauty I see within people led me to graduate with a portrait orientated mind, and I now shoot happily for fashion brands and music artists on the Gold Coast.


A concept developed to support the brand Afends, as a collaboration with Christina Chenery (model). Smoke was used as a prop to visualise a wild and raunchy energy that ties in with the brand's aesthetic. It also highlights the sustainability of the brand, as Afends are well known for using hemp material.


This project features images from a collaboration with fashion student, Daisy Hammond, and her stunning disco glam pre-collection for EEVIE. The coloured gel lighting extenuated the mood and aesthetic that evolves EEVIE as a brand and brought the garments to life.