Interior Design

Romi Peacock

Bachelor of Interior Design (Commercial) Sydney
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I am a hardworking and passionate junior designer with a fascination for interior design and architecture. I enjoy working with creative, like-minded individuals and am always up for a challenge. I am a fast learner, a good communicator, and approach everything I do with a positive attitude.

This course has taught me not only to appreciate the small details, but also how to broaden my ways of thinking. I see design as not only a way to make our environments more aesthetically pleasing, but also as a tool to enhance the functionality of the world we live in. I am passionate about travelling and find my inspiration by exploring different countries and seeing how they express their cultures through design in all facets.

I hope to keep learning, applying my skills and capabilities, and contributing as much as I can to the design industry. To be able to work with other people that share the same passion as me would give me an invaluable opportunity to learn and grow as a designer.


This project required me to revisit a previous project and complete a full documentation set of construction drawings. During the process of these drawings, I was to focus specifically on documenting unique joinery elements and providing further details on how they function.

This office floorplan had to incorporate an accessible bathroom and have a large enough walkway space for wheelchair access throughout. I gained inspiration from re-purposed warehouse designs and I was able to revisit my old project and reinvent the space entirely through these documentation drawings.

While designing this practice, one of the main focuses was to ensure the design was able to adapt to future developments in the interior design industry. By using neutral textures and materials, the space allows for further development and change depending on the client at the time.

Creating this project in Revit was truly rewarding as I was able to produce a solid set of construction drawings as well as get the chance to render the finished project and see it come to life in 3D.

Roseville Speciality Coffee

Roseville Speciality Coffee is located in Roseville, Sydney. The shop was originally built 80 years ago and was given a new life in 2017. The space is simple and Scandinavian in style, with wooden floors, bright white walls and brass pendant lights.

As the shop was recently built and designed in 2017 there is no current talk of renovations, although there has been mention of obtaining a liquor license and opening 2-3 nights a week for wine and small plates, as there is no real competition in the Roseville area.

The idea was then to design a wine bar in the space that is now a cafe. The newly designed cafe turned wine bar is neutral in the colour palette and is very light with soft textures and materials throughout, with the base of strong concrete on the floor and walls and the blonde oak and beige leather which are complemented against it.