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Alivia Pagano

Bachelor of Interior Design (Residential) Sydney
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I am a recent graduate of Billy Blue College of Design (Torrens University) with a Bachelor of Interior Design (Residential). I am a driven and hardworking designer, who approaches each task with a positive and innovative attitude, with a high attention to detail.

​Reflecting on my studies, this course has taught me how to broaden my ways of thinking in terms of design process. It has given me the confidence to develop my skills in order to adapt and evolve with interior design and its ever-changing nature. I see design as not only to create aesthetically pleasing spaces, but also to intertwine functionality into these spaces.

To be able to work with other people that share the same passion as me would give me an invaluable opportunity to learn and grow as a designer. I hope to keep learning, applying my skills and capabilities, and contributing as much as I can to the design industry.

The Balmain Apartment

A crucial aspect of the apartment’s design was to integrate the curved organic shape of the building. Perpendicular lines are implemented in the floor plan to contrast with the organic envelope and provide a distinctive balance.
The entrance is gallery inspired with a long hallway leading towards the main living area. Steps are placed both at the kitchen entrance and living room to emphasise the spaciousness of this area. The use of levels is intended to create separation between dining and living whilst keep the area open plan. The built-in fire place acts as a focal point which distinguishes the two areas.  

The raw materials of timber and stone prominent throughout the design establish a sense of warmth with the timber contrasting against the cool tones of the grey tiles creating a sense of balance between colour and texture. Timber panels are utilised in both bedrooms add a structural element that is both organic and earthy.
The soft, harmonic colour palette reflects the current modern lifestyle of Balmain giving the apartment a warm and welcoming look. The strong presence of green enhances the natural tones inspired by the Balmain landscape, adding a rich element to the design.  

The Bellagio Apartment

This project focuses on providing a detailed documentation set whereby the clients wanted an updated floorplan and landscape design for the veranda to suit and reflect their lifestyle. The outcome of this design was to embody a modern and spacious floorplan. The rooms were fitted in accordance to the existing space that flowed seamlessly. It was essential to abide by the BCA standards in order to provide a thorough and comprehensive set of drawings.

​The use of contemporary materials incorporates both the waterfront location and the lifestyle of the clients, allowing an aesthetic flow through the open floorplan. The first level consists of a communal space whereby the living, dining and kitchen are situated altogether with the custom-designed staircase being central focus.

The staircase is a key component in the design, emphasising the sleek and modern appeal. This enhances the space through the connection between both levels and captivates the focus whilst remaining functional.

New bi-fold doors were installed in order to bring the outside in through natural light filtering through the apartment. The large outdoor area features a custom pergola with a built-in BBQ and a raised deck, further encapsulating the tranquility of a waterside home. ​​