Communications and Graphic Design

Rachel Driessen

Bachelor of Communication Design Sydney
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Hi there, hello. My name is Rachel. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Design was always on the cards for me. Combine my obsession with fine art and inability to do it, with the insanely pedantic side of my personality called perfectionism and it resulted in a love for all things graphic and communication design.

Currently? I’m in my third and final year of a Bachelor of Communication Design at Billy Blue College of Design in Sydney. My design strengths are in creating brand identities and personalities. I am most passionate about typography, imagery and packaging.

The goal? To produce works that are purposeful, effective and of course easy on the eye. Like they say; do what you love & you’ll work every day of your life.


RoundUp is an intermediary social enterprise assisting the next generation to donate to charity at the push of a button. Uniquely Australian, we’re an app that allows you to round-up your everyday purchases and donate to a drought relief goal of your choosing.

It’s a tap-for-tap process - you tap your smartphone and we turn on a tap for Australian farmers affected by national drought.


Personified as a sophisticated woman with specific taste and sharp wit, Paloma encapsulates a modern twist on traditional design. While her pointed serifs show that she is sure in herself both personally and professionally, Paloma’s slightly tapered terminals and oblique curved stresses showcase a more romantic, softer side to her personality.