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MelissaBayss Rombouts

Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration Sydney
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I believe that design is deeply personal. I love the notion that our homes and collective belongings are the true storytellers of our lives. They can capture the most beautiful and meaningful memories of our past, represent where we are in our present lives, and express where we are heading in our future.

Mali White is all about capturing the essence of your story. Finding out what you love, where you've come from and creating a unique and personal place which will represent these values, nurture and bring inspiration into your future.

The Mali White name is very meaningful to me, and in that sense, falls in line with my brand identity and values perfectly. Mali is an abbreviation of my daughter’s name. She is the newest person I have been blessed with in my life to love.

White is my grandfather’s surname. He is the oldest person I have ever loved. By bringing these two names together I have connected the past to the present and am putting a name and brand out there that represents all I stand for and making it my future.

Greenhouse studios

An exercise in spatial awareness, this inner city rooftop is host to a community space and penthouse.

Above: Penthouse of floral installation artist, Rebecca Law. Inspired by her work, the penthouse has been turned into one living installation with metres of flora cascading down to the community space below. Her home is vernacular in its architecture, and has a beautiful mystic-like quality, a haven from the busy city in which it resides.

Below: A beautiful, calming and inspiring community place for artists to escape the city smoke and indulge in their creativity.
A small shop will facilitate impulsive creative desire by allowing anyone to arrive empty-handed and paint, draw, work with clay or perhaps to just enjoy the gardens.

Greenhouse studios will be solar-powered and include heaters for winter and solar-powered pottery wheels and kilns. The gardens are also equipped with sinks for washing up after art, a variety of comfortable seating, breathtaking views and the water feature which surrounds the rooftop provides a shield from the city sounds below.

Aceology Beauty

To create a home for Aceology Beauty, who until now have only had an online presence. The brief included an office space, breakout room, think tank and meeting room. A hospitality component, function space for 20, seating for 20, and two accessible bathrooms.

Aceology have a very distinct brand identity and image, which is fun, bright, playful and comfortably luxurious. The design for the premises has been driven by this and will aid in in creating a tangible experience for customers to enjoy the products in a unique and exclusive setting.

Aceology Beauty will nurture the concept of self-love, indulgence, exclusivity and fun.
In this project, I really enjoyed the space planning and taking on the company theme and carrying that into an interior. I believe I have created a well thought out and innovative concept.