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Maryam Rashid

Bachelor of Interior Design (Commercial) Sydney
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I am a graduate of Billy Blue College of Design | Torrens University, with a Bachelor of Interior Design (Commercial). I worked as an analytical chemist for 5 years before deciding to follow my real passion: Interior design. I have a very analytical mind which enables me to be responsive to client needs and achieve a high degree of client satisfaction.

I enjoy exploring fresh concepts and a variety of design philosophies to produce artistic, original and ethical outcomes. Each concept is intended to tell a story that engages, excites, fascinates, inspires, and which can spark positive change in people’s lives. I am keen to start my Interior Design career path and am available to interviews.

The Hive

Location: 6 Rooty Hill Rd N, Rooty Hill NSW 2766
Size: 100 m/sq

The owner designed 'Jazz my Waffle' 10 years ago. The place had started to look tired and the client wanted to redefine the space with a new brand identity due to the changing demographics of the suburb.

The coffee and bike culture that thrives throughout inner Sydney has also started up in Rooty Hill due to its proximity to cyclists from the M7. The client wanted to cater to her customers of 10 years as well as to the new, diverse, local cultures of the passers-by visiting the nearby park – cyclists, joggers, walkers, families, and young people.

The Hive was designed to give 'Jazz my Waffle' a new brand identity that would attract the target market through its vibrant colours and materiality, and the iconic hexagonal shapes throughout the space.

Bonds Retail

Location: Westfield Parramatta Shop 3040-3041/159-175 Church St, Parramatta

Design a full-scale retail environment for the brand, with a focus on long-term sustainability and creating an optimal consumer brand experience.

I wanted to capture the organic nature of Bonds merchandise as well as emphasise their innovative clothing technology by capturing the authenticity of the products. The ingenuity of innovation with new technology was expressed by elements such as touchscreens that allow people to be involved with the brand by choosing prints of Bonds and getting them personalised.
Bonds has a rich history and they opened the first spinning mill in Australia, so I incorporated rotating spinning wheels as the clothes racks whilst the molecular structure of the cotton thread became the wall display with the POS and the lighting system.