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Mariam Darwich

Bachelor of Interior Design (Commercial) Sydney
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I am a dedicated and enthusiastic designer, with a Bachelor of Interior Design (Commercial) from Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University. I enjoy coming up with innovative, fresh designs and love pushing myself to craft original concepts with the best possible design solutions.

I am charismatic, bubbly, hardworking and take a genuine approach to my work. The future trends of design, human interactivity, sustainability, digital design and abstract art fascinate me. I place a high value on human connection and cultural impact to create practical and functional commercial environments. I take pride in pushing the creative boundaries and work best in a collaborative team.

Working collaboratively with other people that share the same goals, interests, values and passion as myself will provide continuous opportunities to learn and grow as a designer.

On Earth

Location: Stargazer Lawn, Barangaroo Sydney

Client brief / Client requirements:
Design an interactive art pavilion: kid friendly; use of sustainable materials; can be seen during the day/night; use of technology within the project; ignite the sense of touch and human interaction; design and take inspiration from the natural landscape; create an environment that the blind can also experience.

Concept and Features:
On Earth is an art pavilion designed to highlight the natural landscape, allowing visitors to reflect on the powerful impact nature can have on the soul. The pavilion takes inspiration from the work of well-renowned Australian artist Michael Johnson. His abstract pieces of art come to life and allow us to really dig deep into his random brushstrokes. His artistic innovation comes from his personal reflective journey through nature, mood and landscape.

On Earth is an interactive experience that ignites the sense of touch and takes visitors on a spiritual journey through personal reflection. The concept takes inspiration from sound, texture and the natural world. The pavilion has been brought to life through augmented reality and showcases the dangers of climate change through a 1 minute slideshow of harsh imagery. City users are invited to embark on a confronting, yet reflective, experience.

Software Used:
Photoshop, SketchUp, 3ds Max, Acrylic paint

Mont Marte

Location: Sydney, NSW

Client brief/Client requirements:
Use primary colours; private meeting rooms; open plan; showcase art; bigger kitchen area; use geometric shapes; industrial vibe; make the design bold; keep it simple and minimal.

Concept and Features:
The brand ‘Mont Marte’ is a curated collection of artist supplies, owned and operated by husband and wife Carol and Bob Kent. Located in Sydney, this office space for the brand has been designed for meeting clients, collaboration and product testing. The interior has been designed with a bright colour palette that is warm and inviting. Utilising solid timber, suede, glass, metal and concrete materials strongly reflect the brand identity.

The design proposal has addressed all of the client’s needs and wants by creating a space that is creative yet functional. Included are all required spaces such as private meeting rooms, VIP lounges, a reception, private working stations and a breakout area. A kitchenette and interactive art room has been included for people to interact with Mont Marte products and relax. The overall design strongly reflects and transmits the brand’s creative, bold and positive identity.

Leaving a lasting impression on visiting clients, the interior represents the power of colour and the positive response the body has to it.