Interior Design

Hoang Hiep Dao

Bachelor of Interior Design (Commercial) Sydney
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I am an energetic and self-motivated person at work and always respect the opinions of people when working in groups. Besides, I always catch the problem very quickly and solve it positively. I am a designer with a high level of perfectionism, so I always love to work with highly aesthetic individuals and professionalism at work.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Interior Design (Commercial) from Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University, I have enough knowledge and confidence to achieve my dream of becoming an Interior Designer.

The knowledge I have learned at university has helped me gain many important skills, such as project management, teamwork, research and use of software for the job. In addition, I have also developed some personal skills such as listening, understanding and communicating.

I am particularly interested in spatial planning and floor planning, using Revit, Auto CAD, SketchUp and 3ds Max.

Project: BamBuu Restaurant

Location: 124 Belmore Street, Randwick
Software used: Auto CAD, 3ds Max, Photoshop, SketchUp

Client Brief:
Truc Lee - Bambuu Owner requirements:
Create a Vietnamese style restaurant: target all people in Randwick; rearrange spatial planning and design new spaces; redesign POS counter, kitchen, storage, cool room and WC; 3-4 weeks for construction and 1-1.5 weeks for design.

Design solution:
The design solution for the Bambuu restaurant was inspired by an image of a Vietnamese village. The concept for the décor elements included the simple and familiar elements in Vietnamese life, such as bamboo at the gates to the village, conical hats, plates and more. The yellow colour of the mortar mixed with natural straw and covered with gold paint (used in traditional houses), was applied to the entire space of the shop to bring the most authentic experience of the Vietnamese countryside to the venue.

After discussing and agreeing on the investor's requirements, the current kitchen and cool room location were kept to reduce construction costs. In addition, the restaurant space does not have many options for implementing the vertical improvement of the premises. In summary, the kitchen and POS counter and the high seating area remain. The cold room, warehouse, WC, inside seats and garden seating area are expanded and renovated.

Project: Shape of Nature Pavilion – Urban Design

Location: Central Park, NSW, Sydney
Software used: Photoshop, SketchUp, 3ds Max, V-ray Render

The ideas for this project were inspired by my research and analysis of the works of the famous British designer Thomas Heatherwick. I'm also always attracted to the beauty of nature and how to incorporate this into designs.

For my pavilion, I wanted to focus on environmental issues. It is now evident that people are gradually destroying the environment in many different ways, resulting in increased natural disasters and devastation of our planet.

My pavilion concept focused on styling the beauty of nature and combining this with a variety of materials to create a specific space that makes visitors feel the profound beauty of nature. Methods include blurring the boundaries between nature and people by combining elements of nature such as water, soil, light, air, etc. into the structure and the interior. Visitors can feel and experience a small part of nature cocooned in a protective zone, isolating it from the ravages that humans inflict upon it.