Interior Design

Kristy-Lee Van Opstal

Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration Sydney
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A recent graduate of interior design with a focus on holistic design. Aspires to create spaces with powerful narratives that evoke a sense of emotion and resonate with individuals. Aims to design with passion and consideration of environmental and social responsibilities.


Jewellery label, Aletheia, is to open their flagship store in the Union Bond Store, located in The Rocks, Sydney. The two-storey building is heritage listed and to be transformed into a retail store and café, with the label’s Head Office located upstairs. The intent for this design was to take advantage of the existing elements within the Union Bond Store and retain an open floorplan.

A main focus when sourcing materials and furniture was to ensure that they met the label’s Code of Ethics on sustainability and social responsibility. The selected furniture and finishes were chosen due to their ethical, sustainable and social consideration to their processes.

The jewellery label is inspired by feelings of connection, love, sentiment and nostalgia. It was important to bring these elements through within the design. The space features natural materials, complementing the existing sandstone and timber columns and beams. The colour palette has been kept soft and neutral, creating a pleasing and welcoming feeling to the space. The furniture selection is intentionally minimal and consists of structural soft furnishings mixed with natural timber elements which will show their natural progression of the aging process, overtime adding a nostalgic feeling to the space.

Living space

The intent of this design is to provide a calming and sophisticated living space with a natural material palette. Movement is explored through a curved wall entering the kitchen and there is an easy flow throughout the space. The living space features large glass windows and doors which allows for optimal natural light and views of the landscape. The interior is informed by the home’s natural surroundings, with a green colour palette and natural textures. The kitchen features a heavier, yet sophisticated mood, which is kept light with natural stone flooring and a light green tiled splashback.