Interior Design

Emily Vu Tran

Bachelor of Interior Design (Residential) Sydney

As a graduate of Billy Blue College of Design, Torrens University with a Bachelor of Interior Design (Residential), I am looking to challenging myself through working in the industry.

Adaptability, strategic thinking, creativity, positivity, dependability, motivation and curiosity are some of my strengths. These traits enable me to grow and thrive in any environment and help me to identify problems and find solutions for them. I am a good team player and eager to learn new things.

Being an international graduate originating from Vietnam, this background has given me advantages to observe things from many perspectives and solve problems with creative solutions. Two years studying Graphic Design and helping Interior Design students with their projects back in Vietnam, gave me the chance to have a closer look at, and better understanding of, the industry.


Inspired by Pixar’s own movies the office exudes a colourful and comical style throughout the interior space. Colour blocking mixes with unique furniture to create a joyful workspace that reflects the work of Pixar.

Vibrant colour schemes and unexpected furniture selection are the elements that constitute the Pixar office’s theme. Conference rooms are placed next to the glass void to get the natural light while maintaining privacy. A designed wall-unit made from timber slats and beautiful blue stone become a small storage place for the conference room. Unfilled travertine stone floor and white painted ceilings give the impression of depth as well as widening the tight interior.

Opposite to the vibrant conference rooms, the inhouse theatre sits strong in dark hues. The seating area is lifted higher than the original floor and covered in domino pattern timber as a highlight to the room. Dark brown velvet curtains draped over doors and windows help reduce light seeping into the room and plays as an important factor in improving the acoustics within the theatre. The walls, which are styled with indigo hue, tone down the colour of the room to achieve a cozy feeling.

Software used:
3D Studio Max, Revit, Photoshop

Stanwell Park

Located on the edge of a cliff in Stanwell Park with stunning beach views, the two storey house sits in stark contrast to the surrounding natural environment with its deliberate combination of both artificial and natural materials – concrete and timber.

The house draws inspiration from a famous Japanese architect – Tadao Ando, with his stunning contemporary style and smart use of lighting.

Within a living space, the states of ‘open’ and ‘closed’, ‘release’ and ‘tension’ are really important in the architecture and significantly affect how people experience the house. With one interior stair and another exterior one, it gives the clients choice, instead of insisting they use only one stair in such a big space. Having a choice of access creates a special ‘journey’ which enriches their experience of living inside what is essentially a big concrete block.

With its narrow width walls and low ceiling structure, it creates ‘tension’ to the one walking through it and brings more privacy for the bedrooms, as well as emphasising the light at the end of the hallway and giving a touch of mystery before reaching the broad living room to feel the ‘release’ of wide space and high ceiling. Each area is embellished in different ways to create various moods from space to space.

3D Studio Max, AutoCad, Photoshop