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Joshua Djordjewitsch

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design Brisbane
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A leader - not a follower

Joshua Djordjewitsch graduated with a Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design in 2020, where he further explored his creative voice that organically evolved into the vision of his Independent label, Djordjewitsch. Djordjewitsch offers men’s and women’s designs ungoverned by conventions. With an emphasis on unconventionalism, minimalism and highly considered fabrics in brutalist silhouettes, Djordjewitsch creates a dialogue for the non-conformist.

Joshua has worked alongside industry professionals in developing branded collections, from concept, development and conception. Joshua further developed his experience in the following

- Proficiency in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop
- Product development
- Technical folio with rendered cads, tech and specs
- Colour sense, textile knowledge & trims
- Social media
- Understanding of market segments
- Photoshoot production, planning, casting, styling and directing
- Studio draping
- Model fittings
- Patternmaking and sewing skills

Prior experience consists of working in the luxury retail sector and as a fashion designer for WS Workshop under Head Designer Ian Wrightstown.

Joshua is currently looking to obtain a position in a like-minded organization, working in a growth-oriented, profit-driven, dynamic environment and have the opportunity of contributing to the company’s success.

.4 2021

.4 is the continuation of a previous collection entitled ‘Synergy’

We are influenced subconsciously by our daily surroundings.

How we wake up, what we do, where we go, how we button up our shirt - within all of these echoes the inspiration, perspective & design that will be found in .4

According to the system of numerology, the designer’s assigned number is ‘three’, and this happens to be the designer’s fourth lot of work.

The creation of .4

[Response to Covid 19]

The collection was conceived with social distancing rituals in mind. The designer wanted to re-create the sense of isolation felt during the conception of this collection through photography.

We would like to acknowledge the challenges faced by individuals during this time. Whilst we are experiencing various challenges together, everyone’s situation is unique. Our collective thoughts are with those who have been affected.

Covid-19 forced an industry that was originally unsustainable, to re-evaluate its existing processes. With as few as two collections per year, we do not succumb to the mantra of breakneck seasonal designs. Instead, we align ourselves to a unique process - one that is measured, cerebral, and meaningful.


Inspired by the exchange of synchronized energy between humans through various means. Explored through the use of line work, contrast and bold graphic elements. Pieces within the collection are experimental, unconventional and conceptual.

Creating a physical manifestation of energy, which technically cannot be seen but is at the heart of our existence that encompasses our relationship to one another through art, sound, writing and design.