Branded Fashion Design

Jasmine Dempsey

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design Sydney
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Looking back at my childhood it was inevitable that I would end up in fashion. Growing up in a family of girls with a mum who loved clothes and costumes, we were always designing and dressing up. I loved the way that it made me feel to be recognised for my outfits. It is this feeling that inspires me to design clothing for women in order to empower them to be the best version of themselves.

I was over the moon when I received a scholarship to study the Diploma of Design at Billy Blue College after high school. After studying all genres of design, I realised that my skills and passion had led me to pursue a career in fashion, which is why I chose to enrol in the Bachelor of Branded Fashion. Being able to sketch a design and develop it through to a complete style is the most rewarding feeling.

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to intern at Vogue Australia, and the experience further cemented the feeling that I am where I’m meant to be. I can’t wait to continue on my creative journey and turn my childhood hobby into a career.

Project 1

Following the devastating destruction of the Australian bushfires, our country received a lot of international attention, which led to help from all over the world but also left people with an image of the destruction and a focus on what we lost. While this is something to be acknowledged, I wanted this collection to be inspired by how beautiful Australia is, as a reminder of what we fight to protect.

I have focused on the coastline of Australia and the natural beauty of the rich earth, white sand beaches, native plants and clear waters. Silhouettes and textures are inspired from the organic structures and surfaces that are complemented by organic fabrics. The colour palette is inspired by the neutral earthy tones mixed with splashes of blue. The collection takes on the idea of regrowth and fresh sculptural forms to bring in the new decade.