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Jess Iannelli

Diploma of Photo Imaging Sydney
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My name is Jess Iannelli and I’m a freelance Fashion and Portrait Photographer. I moved to Sydney in 2016 at the age of 20 from a small town in regional NSW to pursue my photography dream and haven't looked back.

I've always had a love of fashion and portrait photography and my ideal shoot incorporates both of those genres to produce a distinct style. Before studying Photo Imaging at Billy Blue in 2018 I was self-taught but wanted to develop my skills further and gain a more in depth understanding of the industry.

During my four years pursuing photography as a career my work has been published three times in two separate magazines (Creators Magazine Volume 2 Issue 11 & 18, HORIZONT Magazine Volume 11, Issue 13)


This photoshoot was part of an assessment in my Photo Imaging degree where we had to plan, shoot and edit a fashion photoshoot.
I was scrolling through Pinterest to find a concept for the shoot when I came across a skatepark fashion shoot and that's where the seed was planted, I then remembered that a 20 minute walk from my house was a skatepark which would be ideal for the shoot.
I found the perfect model and stylist on Instagram, then began the search for a makeup artist.
The shoot was planned early morning before the sun would get harsh and provide uneven lighting. It turned out better than I had ever expected and to date, it is still one of my favourite photoshoots.
I decided to submit the photos to a magazine in the hopes of being accepted and was fairly confident I would be. This photoshoot was my first published work in the Creators magazine, Volume 2, Issue 11 2019.
I have included the RAW version of the hero image in this Exhibition because I wanted to showcase my editing process. Side-by-side the edited image may not look too different from the RAW photo, but that is my preferred editing style; natural and simple but pleasing to the eye. Normally I would go for a warmer tone but the grey from the cement needed to stay natural to keep the authentic skatepark look. To overcome this, I mostly tampered with the white balance and hue to produce the look I desired.

Modelling portfolio

A client reached out to me looking to update her modelling portfolio and sent me her vision for the shoot through reference photos. Immediately the perfect photoshoot location sprang to mind and it happened to be at a place that I went to a couple of weeks before. A week before the photoshoot I went back to scout areas that I was going to photograph, while keeping a close eye on the amount of lighting and where the sun was going to be positioned for the time I wanted to shoot. What I love about this photoshoot in particular is how natural and beautiful it is. The model has unique features which I enjoy photographing; being a redhead with a heavy freckling, the editing process can be challenging but my warm tone style of editing suits this quite well. As you can see comparing the RAW and edited images, I enhanced the oranges to make her hair a deeper orange and her freckles stand out more. Softening the blue in the jeans, enhancing the orange and deepening the greens, achieved a more sun-kissed, tanned complexion. Her skin is retouched to remove blemishes and even out pigmentation and her eyes are enhanced to draw the viewer's attention while still maintaining her natural features.