Photography and Photo Imaging

Donna Maree Logan

Diploma of Photo Imaging Sydney
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Donna Maree constructs her images with a profound twist to her subject. Her fine art and conceptual works speak to the viewer with a narrative that encourages their imagination to wonder.

Throughout her work she looks for the juxtaposition within the frame. Her work inhabits disparate worlds of thought. She likes the idea of the artefact, what is its potential to imbue and impart. Her reality and fantasy are a fusion of organic and structural forms that take on the notions of the “other worldly”.

Her works are aesthetically pleasing but more importantly they transcend a visual discourse. Ultimately she wants her work to be emotive and thought-provoking.

As a student, Donna Maree achieved Silver at the NSW AIPP State Awards, and a Silver at the National APPA Awards in 2019. She also attained a Highly Commended award at the Mono Awards 2020. These accolades have provided her with the courage and the confidence to pursue her craft as a professional Fine Art Photographer. Her future aspirations are to see her work represented in pertinent gallery exhibitions, and publishing houses. Donna Maree now resides in Melbourne, Victoria.

Artefactual Insight

Project 1: Artefactual Insight

Capturing an object that is initially brought into existence by man, and to deconstruct it in a manner that is unrecognisable, is a challenge that I enjoy. These images are not only aesthetically pleasing but they express my emotive existence metaphorically. It is my intention to initiate the mind to wonder, and to see more than what the eye can see. Recreating elements of a subject that are not only intriguing, but one that starts a discourse of possible narratives is the ultimate outcome I strive to achieve.


Project 2: Isolation

Initially I wanted to share my Utopia, my place of calmness amongst the clouds, but the world changed and lives are being lost during the mayhem of this current pandemic. I created these images with the respect that we are all individuals with different needs, and regardless of which era we are from, there is one specific circumstance that we all can generally relate to, and that is isolation. These conceptual images show the irony of how quiet the urban community has become, how the congestion of traffic is now only seen in the veins of a leaf, how being stuck indoors has unleashed imaginations allowing us to escape amongst the clouds, and how those who have lost their lives are able to roam free once again enjoying the sun on their skin as they enjoy the simple pleasures of sitting on a park bench reading a book.