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Jakob Alchin

Bachelor of Media Design Adelaide
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“I dream code and breathe geometric form.”

Jakob Alchin is a minimalist and modernist communication designer who is passionate about branding, photography, and web design.

Born out of sheer will and dedication, Jakob Alchin is never satisfied until he solves the problem. He appreciates attention to detail and promises precision. His broad scope of experimentation and consideration along the journey ensures that he arrives at the best possible solution for the problem. Therefore, the client can be confident that the solution will be crafted with upmost care and quality.

Elderton Wines

A conceptual branding project for Elderton Wines, based in Nuriootpa, Barossa Valley, South Australia.

With heritage dating back to 1894, when the vineyard was first planted on the banks of North Para River by early German settlers, Elderton Wines represents true regional history and character. They are committed to producing world-class wines that are enjoyed globally for their richness, vibrancy, and uniqueness.

The brief was to create a masterbrand logo for application across wine labels and marketing collateral. The challenge was to create consistency between the premium and estate wines while communicating the vibrancy and uniqueness on which Elderton Wines prides itself. Ultimately, the brand needed to reflect rich history and premium quality.

General Motors Holden

A web concept and tribute to General Motors Holden.

After fifteen years as the top selling vehicle in Australia, the Commodore was outsold by the Mazda 3 from Japan. Since then, General Motors Holden announced that they cease manufacturing by the end of 2017.

As Holden enters a new era as service and parts provider, I felt responsible for paying tribute to the vehicle manufacturer that shaped my childhood. Therefore, the purpose of the website is to celebrate the history of the vehicles that shaped Australian history.

I will continue to work on this hobby project in my free time. Maybe one day it could be published as an educational resource or archive material.