Communications and Graphic Design

Ariel Aguilella

Bachelor of Communication Design Sydney
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Ariel Aguilella is a Communication Design graduate who thrives when using her skills to design for good. She dreams of working on projects that have a positive impact on the community, contributing ethically to humanity.

Studying at Billy Blue has made Ariel realise that she has so much to offer, growing not only as a designer but also as an individual. Ariel connects to her projects at a deeper level by taking an empathetic and intuitive approach, whilst applying design thinking methodologies to produce better outcomes for her clients.

A life-changing moment for Ariel made her realise how much she yearned to be in a career she was passionate about. After working in the insurance industry for over 7 years, she walked away to pursue studying design, pushing herself to finish her degree at an accelerated pace. Although wishing she had made the change sooner, Ariel now basks in the knowledge that she is exactly where she is meant to be. Designing for good.


Investigate an area of fast consumer goods, looking into both product and packaging. Find a gap in the market to create a new innovative product.

About the project:
The health and well being of my pet is a priority so I decided to focus on dog food. A majority of dog food on the market contains chicken as a filler, as opposed to offering single protein. With a dog allergic to chicken it simply was not an option.

Rawesome was created to solve the issue with mixed protein foods whilst catering to the fussiest of eaters. Not to mention that a raw food diet has several benefits for our canine friends, however, providing the right balance and nutrition in each meal can be complicated. Rawesome takes the guesswork and the legwork out of the process delivering customised raw meals straight to each doggie door. All that's required is a quick questionnaire covering allergies, preferences and any additional supplements that may be required. Owners can then choose to set a recurring or once-off order and the meals are delivered in convenient pre-packed compostable meal sachets.

Many owners see dogs not only as pets but as members of their own families, so why not give them the best chance at life by feeding them wholesome, natural goodness, tailored to their changing needs? No more lugging around kilos of dry food, worrying about recalls and struggling to find a brand that suits your dog's needs. Rawesome is the only brand of food your doggie needs.

Red Cross Campaign

Develop communication assets to educate relevant business sectors on the meaning and importance of the Red Cross emblem in order to counteract its misuse.

About the project:
To prevent the misuse of the Red Cross emblem I had to understand why it was being misused in the first place. I conducted a survey and my research found that people did not understand the true meaning of the Red Cross and the importance of the emblem. Over 70% of respondents related the Red Cross emblem to the medical field as opposed to its true meaning 'the international symbol of protection and neutrality in armed conflict'. Sadly only 4% were aware that the emblem is protected by law.

The aim of my campaign was not only to educate the general public but to help them understand why it's protected: to protect lives. A powerful message delivered from the people wearing the Red Cross emblem. Each poster should evoke strong emotion and connection, so much so that the reader is compelled to share the message themselves either verbally or by re-sharing the posters. The campaign had to be executed with little to no funding so my concept relied on donated marketing space and support from the Red Cross community, including corporate partnerships, blood donors, workplace givers, social media following and Red Cross volunteers and workers from the past and present.