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Fanny Louw

Bachelor of Communication Design Sydney
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Hello! My name is Fanny and I'm a Communication Designer whose passion lies in expressing thoughtful messages through visuals that effectively represents the ideas behind them. My creativity is driven by my passion for design and I'm good at synthesising complex concepts into simple but effective designs and finding balance between experimenting with colours, layouts as well as typography to implement them on my concepts.


Malta is an ice cream and pudding brand based in Surabaya since 1997. This brand is inspired by the Republic of Malta located in Southern Europe. As this family-owned business was taking its next step, stronger branding was needed to show their unique brand identity.

Malta wanted a whole new look that still incorporated a traditional and modern look to reach a wider range of customers. To represent where the brand was from and the inspiration, incorporating traditional Maltese tiles with a twist of Indonesian batik is one way to differentiate the brand from its competitors. Patterns and shapes are used to also represent the flavours of their favourite ice cream.

Wok Me Home

Wok Me Home is a food & beverage brand that focuses on the most celebrated Chinese such as Lunar New Year, Summer Solstice, and QiXi Festival (Chinese Valentine). It aims to have modern-looking packaging while still being able to convey the friendliness of the brand and also to build a relationship with the customers.

The concept of this brand is modern and friendly, incorporating illustrations in the packaging to build up a friendly and warm tone towards the brand. Using strong colours as the background to represent each range, depending on the traditional event to help the customers distinguish each product from the brand. To bring the modern look duotone is applied to the packaging clean with a sans-serif typeface.