Communications and Graphic Design

David Beshai

Bachelor of Communication Design Sydney
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Hello there.

I am David Beshai. I am a designer who has a great love for creating graphics, helping people, as well as connecting with others and the world around me. I hope to bring and make a difference in the lives of those who I and my work come into contact with.

Story Room Fireplace

Story Room Fireplace is an initiative created to expand people’s horizons and views on different cultures traditions and beliefs all around the world. The initiative requires an eye-catching advertisement that informs people of the event’s location, time and subject, as well as the presenter. The brief also asked for the development of a logo and identity to represent this initiative in the program.

Lemon Aid

Lemon Aid is a fun and educational initiative designed to encourage children to learn the value of money and understand the concept of trade. What was needed was simple instructions to help children to be able to make and sell their own homemade lemonade, as well as a kit with all the necessary advertisements and stall material required.