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Anna Browne

Bachelor of Interior Design (Commercial) Brisbane
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Revealing the potential of a space, generating excitement for a vision that can become a reality is to me, incredibly satisfying. Being able to instinctively piece together a clients vision through
intelligent design solutions is one of my greatest joys.

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with interiors, furniture design and architecture. With experience as a Quality Assurance Administrator working for 5 years in construction, I bring a wealth of knowledge with me. With 15 years customer service experience and 4 years in print media, I take a multi-faceted approach to all projects.

The Architecture and Interior Design space is more intuitive these days, as we navigate through the forever changing political, social and cultural needs in 2020. I strive to connect with clients in order to create meaningful experiences amongst our landscapes history and bring about a shift in the way we experience the built environment, both commercial and residential.

GET TO KNOW ME // "You'll find me skateboarding along the Coolangatta beachfront on weekends and watching AFL reruns on Kayo. I enjoy a good whisky and own far too many oversized tees".

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Crafting beauty from a singular material, whilst searching for minimal lines and classic curves.

Centre tables are an underrated furniture piece when it comes to living spaces. They’re a place to gather, to rest a drink on or a meal. They can hold treasured books, a colourful array of flowers and as we’ve found out recently, they’re a place that we can work from. They’re the central location for many homes without even realising it, they in themselves become involved in our family traditions, our daily patterns.

Pilar was made with the view to interchange the legs and top with Andreu World’s existing centre table collection with ease. Taking inspiration from stone and translating this into a structurally sound version made from timber. As intricate as it looks, Pilar pushes the limits of craft to produce a beautifully crafted centre table to last through the ages.

Offering a rectangular table top with a softly curved underside, the ‘Pilar’ Collection of centre tables invites you to gather. Light yet sturdy, you’ll enjoy the abstracted pillar legs with large arched cut-out with contrasting textured faces.

Playing a central role to any lounge room it’s prescence is felt within the space and is made to compliment large sofa lines. Generating balance, whilst also grounding the room.

MEASUREMENTS // H 400mm x W 900mm x L 1200mm TOP 40mm


CLIENT BRIEF // The renovation needed to be inclusive of both the main en-suite with adjoining walk-in robe, as well as the hallway bathroom. Both bathrooms were functional however, certain elements of the main en-suite lacked privacy and the walk-in robe was too small. Whilst there is sufficient natural lighting for both spaces there is a glare issue on the mirror in the main en-suite.

CONCEPT DESIGN // The renovation of the main en-suite focused upon the reconfiguration of space in order to maximise both light and functionality. Also, more privacy will be made for the toilet. Colour palette is to be kept natural and earthy in order to maximise light and highlight the free standing bath and shower configuration being the main focus of the space. The renovation of the hallway bathroom will be in keeping with the new master en-suite.