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Alana Allison

Bachelor of Interior Design (Commercial) Sydney
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I am a highly motivated and hardworking interior design graduate seeking the opportunity to gain experience and develop skills in the design industry.

I have a positive attitude to life and enjoy working hard and pushing myself through studying new things and always striving to perform my best. During my studies, I have developed an extensive range of skills and knowledge that has allowed me to produce professional, high quality solutions to design briefs and problems. My work is driven by innovative design thinking and the importance of having a holistic approach to each project.

I have a strong passion for using my creative mindset to design a more sustainable society for future generations. Selecting eco-friendly materials, utilising ESD principles and creating spaces that have a low environmental impact are vitally important to my design sensibilities.

Aesop Retail Fitout, Paddington:

Large open space creates a gallery-feel to the exhibition of Aesop products which is complemented by the long bench seat that covers the width of the entire right wall. Inspired by the 1920s Art Deco Movement, the hexagonal mid-floor display is bespoke design. Customers are invited to try different products and wash their hands under a collection of cascading water fountains, creating a memorable experience. The use of Foresso, a practical new sheet material composed of recycled high quality wood offcuts highlights the unique beauty in sustainable design.

A north-east facing block, the site receives morning light and warmth, capturing the sultry palette of materials and iconic amber glass bottles. Feature pendant lighting, spotlights and recessed lighting compliment the later hours of the day, bringing further attention to product displays.

Software Used: 3Ds Max, Photoshop

Blackfish Cafe

Amongst the gum trees in the most picturesque picnic spot on the Georges River, Blackfish provides a relaxed and casual atmosphere. The cafe is enjoyed by an extensive clientele of young families, bike riders, seniors and morning walking groups. The brief was to redesign the precinct to embrace its divine natural surroundings and create a welcoming atmosphere that is local to the core.

Spatial planning resulted in the introduction of an espresso bar that encourages customers to enjoy a quick coffee whilst admiring the view. The large open plan design is light and refreshing, taking in the river breeze and being amongst nature. This is complemented by the use of raw sandstone which ties into the park next door, famous for its large sandstone boulders.

A tailored collection of high quality materials and furniture was carefully selected to tie into the site. Fish tale tiles echo the site’s marina history and a mix of functional and sturdy outdoor furniture by Tait will withstand all weather conditions.

The takeaway window was introduced to ensure the business saturates all possible markets by catering for those who prefer to play at the park with a takeaway coffee and ice cream. The welcoming response to the steady downward gradient of the site was to create a staircase. The level change adds a unique change to the traditional cafe style.

Software Used: SketchUp, AutoCAD, Photoshop