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Anastazia Anagnostopoulos

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design Melbourne
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My name is Anastazia and I am a Branded Fashion Design graduate in Melbourne with a background in Game Art and Design.

I’m passionate about illustration, textile prints, technical drawing, games, film and new digital design concepts that integrate fashion and technology.

My most recent projects include working with industry professionals to create my own garments and digital textile prints for an alternative label I designed as part of my course.

Throughout my studies, I’ve achieved high marks on diverse fashion topics and demonstrated excellent skills in Adobe Suite, which I enjoy using frequently to work on my own projects.

Currently, I’m looking for design opportunities that will allow me to grow and excel within the fashion industry, as well as apply my design skills and creativity as an individual.

Lilith’s Forest

Photos from my lookbook for my Autumn/Winter 20/21 collection ‘Lilith’s Forest’ that I designed for my brand The Modern Peculiar.

The Modern Peculiar is an alternative, ready to wear Melbourne-based label specialising in goth, occult and vintage-inspired fashion. The brand blends fashion from different subcultures to create unique dark styles that are both alternative and sophisticated.

Looks produced were commercially finished with branding material in situ, such as swing tags and brand labels and were manufactured in collaboration with industry professionals. Fabrics used include lace and velvet to give saturated dark looks a more luxurious feel.

Look 1 is a mini wrap dress with an original print made out of a crushed velour knit. Look 2 is a two-piece outfit. The high-neck, open back blouse is made out of a woven flocked velvet lace and the maxi skirt with splits is made of a woven polyester/lycra.

Project 2

A continuation of my first project. Project 2 features extracts of my portfolio range and technical portfolio production.

Included images show my range plan, style plan, print art sheet for the original digital repeat print I created, as well as cads and illustrations for the line sheets of the two looks I produced for my Autumn/Winter 20/21 collection.

My designs for The Modern Peculiar are inspired by historical fashion periods, mainly the Victorian era, haunting paintings, poetic and dark imagery, the macabre and the occult. The full AW21 collection consists of 24 pieces of clothing and focuses on dark aesthetics, witchcraft and horror-infused fashion.