Interior Design

Thuy Kha Truc Ngo

Bachelor of Interior Design (Commercial) Sydney
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I am looking for an internship

I have recently completed my Bachelor of Interior Design (Commercial) from Billy Blue College of Design | Torrens University. I am hard-working, responsible and community-minded in my approach to interior design.

My studies have provided me with the ability to work in a team environment and improved my communication and listening skills. I understand how collaboration is a key process in gaining new knowledge and hope to use this knowledge to contribute to the design industry.

For me, interior design relates to aesthetics and function, as well as an understanding of spiritual values and stories behind the clients and their briefs. I seek to create innovative and imaginative solutions to help client fulfill their dreams, achieve their goals and find their happiness.

Work from home space

Requirements: Work from home space in backyard or a park; indoor and outdoor workplace; a lot of natural lighting; privacy; minimalist style; relaxed atmosphere; a meeting area for when her team comes to share ideas.

The project combines the best elements of the cabin and shelter.

The client preferred to have an ecofriendly space in the garden, so I felt that a shelter space was the best option to do this.
There are three different high levels in the project such as pod workplace area, ground level and underground seating level.

The meeting space is an open space where other colleagues or friends can come and share the space for different purposes. The meeting area seating is slightly underground level with the plants and feels as if you were an insect, smelling different kinds of herbs in the garden. The intention is to create a connection between nature and user.

The indoor workplace is on the highest level and is inspired by the shape of the company logo with soundproof glazing to minimize noise distractions and protects from the elements as well as allowing for natural lighting and a view forward to the garden.

Software used: Revit, 3ds Max, Corona Render, Photoshop, InDesign

Revesby Grind Cafe

Requirements: Interior to allow for takeaway and eat-in functionality; provide a space where people can casually interact and talk with each other; create a warm, welcoming and homely environment with a tranquil atmosphere; improve spatial planning of existing floor plan; redesign the bar counter, internal and external seating, new commercial kitchen, amenities, lighting etc; different purpose of spaces.

Industrial aesthetic with raw materials, airy, playful and geometric furniture. Parabolic light fittings to support the cozy atmosphere. Rusty finish on metallic element of the lamps and some furniture, adding of warmth through leather sofa.

The bar counter has a special intimate atmosphere with barista and customers. Spacious interior with custom-designed joinery, including seating and an intimate bar counter. External area with a glass greenhouse structure and a vertical green garden to purify pollutants, and connect patrons to nature. A slim aluminum-framed glazing profile to create both an elegant and industrial look.

Software used: Revit, 3DS MAX, Corona Render, Photoshop, InDesign