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Rob White

Diploma of Photo Imaging Sydney
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Rob discovered his love for photography early on in high school spending many hours shooting and then developing his images in the dark room. After moving from film to digital in his early 20s, Rob really discovered his passion for photography after serving as an Officer in the Royal Australian Navy.

Rob is now based in Sydney Australia after living all over the country from Darwin to Melbourne. Rob is passionate about travel and shooting unique landscapes and situations. Rob is also an avid motorcycle enthusiast and loves shooting motorsports.

Rob completed a Diploma of Photo Imaging at Billy Blue College of Design in Ultimo Sydney where he studied documentary, commercial and domestic photographic styles.

In his spare time, Rob can be found out and about in a new area with his camera in hand ready to shoot what comes his way.

Rob was a Top 10 Finalist in the Frame + Work Competition T1 2019 at Billy Blue College of Design.

Unique aspects

After a career as a Naval Officer, I wanted to pursue my passion for photography and for this country by photographing unique aspects of our landscape, and the cities that we live in.

I look for interesting situations or scenes that may not catch the typical person's eye and try share and the beauty that I see in this land.

This is an ongoing and lifetime project for me, with many plans to explore this great nation.

Prints are available for sale in my online store and my Instagram shows a behind the scenes preview of where I go and what I photograph.

Disaster Relief Australia

During the 2019/2020 bushfire season, I volunteered with Disaster Relief Australia (then known as Team Rubicon Australia) as a photographer and later National Communications Lead Coordination.

During this time I found myself deployed as a photographer on Operation Hannaford to Willawarrin, NSW and then Operation Hannaford to Lobethal, Adelaide Hills, South Australia. Images that I captured were published in news articles covering the Australian bushfire crisis in:

- Norweigian Headline Television News
- Norwegian Major Print Media - I have hard copies sent to me
- Norwegian Online News (links available on my website)
- UK Local Media

Images that I captured related to the bushfire crisis have been used extensively in social media as well as for fundraising and awareness.