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Paige Smith

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design Melbourne
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From humble beginnings designing fashion pieces on countless notebooks during high school, (where she received a Highly Commended award from the Whitehouse Institute of Design Australia), through to formalising an understanding of the principles and industry whilst engaging in her Bachelor of Branded Fashion degree at Billy Blue, Paige has continued to evolve her style and creative output during this dark period of pandemic influence on the global community. An internship at Bardot during her studies helped shape her knowledge of the fashion industry, and to inspire her to pursue a position within the field. Paige's passion lies in designing and creating garments that are fresh and often challenge the status quo. She eagerly awaits the world emerging from its cocoon of isolation to participate as the butterfly of new growth and creativity that will be driven by fashion.


NYX is a street goth brand influenced by the unique fringe style of gothic fashion blended with grunge textiles and components of streetwear. The style predominantly focuses on a balance between dark and grungy, minimal colour with added elements of interesting patterns and components that provide essential linkages to discerning buyers seeking to incorporate their alternate lifestyle urges within a mainstream appeal.

NYX is an exciting new brand that brings gothic fashion to the masses using subtle design influences to create streetwear that is comfortable, functional, and stylish. A highlight of the brand is the use of ethical fabric and production methods to meet the increasingly savvy demands of discerning consumers.

The range is available in sizes 6 through 16 to ensure NYX can maximize its market appeal and is primarily aimed at the 18-35 age group.

Evening Wear Collection

This sassy evening wear collection is designed to inspire women in stunning unique designs from cocktail dresses to an evening gown, different silhouettes and colours for any occasion. Bright contrasting colours to outline shape with intriguing design details to catch the eye, mixing materials and cuts to create an aura of confidence whilst providing a level of comfort and wearability uncommon in evening attire.

Aimed at the 25-45 year age group, the collection also features fabrics sourced with sustainability as a feature, and ethical manufacturing as a primary focus.